Purolino - Eliza Shirt - Navy/White Stripe

Purolino - Eliza Shirt - Navy/White Stripe

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ELIZA is the modern version of the classic linen shirt!  Featuring twisted front detail, button front, collar and classic cuff, the hemline is longer at the back for those that like to cover their bottoms.

Size Small = 6-8

Size Large = 10-12

100% Italian Linen

Caring for your lovely Linen:

Linen muslin or linen weave are extremely delicate fabrics that do not bear unnecessary pressure on the seams and have no stretch ability.  Linen is designed to be worn loose on the body.

Your linen garments are best washed in warm water by hand, or on a gentle machine wash using a mild detergent to safeguard against fading of colours and shrinkage. 

Linen should be dried in the shade.  Over drying will result in your linen feeling stiff.  Pegs can cause marks, and hangers can cause the garment to go out of shape.  Linen is best dried laying flat.

You may iron or steam your linen to remove creases, but it is not required.  The distressed and crumpled appearance is intended and should not be interpreted as a defect.

Do not dry clean, bleach, soak or tumble dry any of our beautiful linen products.

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